Just a few years ago High Gravity Beer was almost non-existent in the liquor industry. Now it's taking the country by storm and rightfully so. It is some of the best quality beer made throughout the world. Don't take our word for it come in and try it.  And we now carry local Nashville beers, Yazoo, Hap & Harry's, & Music City Light.


As our cider makers traveled the world looking for the best ingredients, they found that the trees that produce the best apples for cider making also look the angriest! Our cider makers took the best apples from those angry trees in France, Italy, and parts of the United States, and found that the apples best for cider are more tart and tannic than the apples at the grocery store. In fact, many European cider makers have been calling cider-making apples “angry” for years! We chose the name Angry Orchard because it fit our trees, our apples, and, of course, our cider!

Jackalope Brewing Co. - Thunder Ann is brewed to highlight beautiful citrusy American hops. She comes off almost tropical; people will find notes of apricot and mango in addition to the citrus bouquet. Honey and biscuit malts contribute to the body as well, making it a friendly, yet bold American Pale Ale.

Good People IPA - Our pale ale balances the subtle caramel tones of 2-row & 5 specialty malts with just the right amount of hops. Complex and versatile, it's good anytime, anywhere for any occasion. We're Appalachian born and bred.

Music City Light - Lightly hopped with a smooth, refreshing finish and offering the "Backstage Pass to Nashville", Music City Light is the perfect way add to the Nashville experience.